Improve Your Team’s Performance.

LionHeart Football provides team analysis to support the performance of football teams. Video analysis can be a time consuming and repetitive process, and coaches might not have the time to spend hours analysing games every week. By choosing our Team Analysis package, coaches and players will receive in-depth video and statistical analysis like never before, while freeing up their own time.

Team Analysis includes the clipping video footage of Goals, Shots (For / Against), Crosses, Corners (Defending / Attacking), Free Kicks (Defending / Attacking), Possession Regained, Possession Lost, Build Up Play, Defending In Shape. Added to video footage is the compiling of match statistics including Goals, Shots, Passes (Total, Forward Passes, Final Third Passes), Crosses, Dribbles, Tackles, Corners, Transitions /Regains (Defensive 3rd, Midfield 3rd, Attacking 3rd), Final Third Entries, Box Entries.

  • Performance - Match Analysis - Cross Analysis
  • Performance - Match Analysis - Transition Analysis
  • Performance - Match Analysis - Shot Analysis