The Player ID Platform

A Revolutionary Scouting Platform

A revolutionary scouting platform for young players to be identified by professional football scouts


The Player ID Platform helps young football players develop through individual feedback and video analysis on their performance.

Track your performance, take your game to the next level and fulfil your potential.




Scouting - Archie
Scouting - TJ


I really enjoyed reading through a scouting report tailored to me. It was very professionally done and provided me with a valuable insight into what I did well and what I could improve on.

Ali, U23 Footballer

It was a really good experience. It was evaluative and showed my strengths and where I can improve so I know what to focus on when training.

Tobi, U18 Footballer
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What is The Player ID Platform?2022-07-05T10:10:57+01:00

The Player ID Platform is a revolutionary scouting platform for young players to be identified by professional football scouts. Players can create a profile and book Player ID reports from our team of expert professional analysts. All players’ reports, performance stats and video highlights are accessible to scouts from professional clubs with a club licence for The Player ID Platform.

What is a Player ID Report?2022-07-06T09:51:56+01:00

Upload your game footage to receive a Player ID Report by our team of expert analysts.  The report includes feedback on your strengths and areas of improvement, and an action plan to support your development. In addition to the report, performance stats and video highlights from the game are uploaded to your player profile.

How much does a report cost?2022-07-05T10:44:31+01:00

The Player ID Report costs £45, however we are currently offering repors for FREE during our Live Test Stage until October 2022.

What is the Test Stage?2022-07-12T09:13:01+01:00

We are launching a Test Stage from 4th of July to 4th of October 2022. During this stage, we are offering Player ID Reports for FREE to all players.

There will also be Footballer of the Month announcements and Showcase Games for selected age groups at the end of this stage. Sign up and book your report to be eligible!

Who can see my player profile?2022-07-05T10:28:57+01:00

Your player profile, Player ID reports, and video highlights can be viewed by scouts affiliated to a professional football club with a licensed club account on the platform. If a scout shows interest in your profile, they will submit an enquiry to us, and we will direct them to the point of contact (Parent / Guardian) provided in your profile details.

What happens after I have received my report and video highlights?2022-07-05T10:26:23+01:00

Your Player ID report and video highlights will be uploaded to your player profile and can be viewed by scouts at professional clubs. You can monitor your profile views and shortlists from your profile. Ensure your profile is fully completed to increase your chance of being noticed!

Your report also contains an action plan on how you can improve your game. We are offering several performance and mentoring sessions to support you with this, which you can read more about in the Performance section.


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